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.EU Domain renewal's new policy!

23.04.2017 10:00

This is a notification to all of our client's who hold .eu domain names.
According to the new .eu terms and conditions the domain must be renewed manually or automatically *(by paying the invoices sent by suomenwebhotelli.com) 10 days prior to the domain's expiry date!
Due to time difference between Pacific time where the .eu registrar is located and local Finnish time where we are located we highly recommend you to do the renewal even 11 days before the expiry date to avoid loosing the domain's ownership.

How do we act as a reseller of the domains to remind our clients about domain and all other service renewals?
Based on domain name authorities in Finland we send 60 days and 30 days domain renewal email notifications to our clients. Then if the client does not act on the renewal we send invoices and by paying those invoices sent from us the domains will be renewed right away, but unfortunately unless the invoice is paid by the domain holders themselves our system won't renew the domains.

Why don't we auto renew the .eu domains then invoice our customers afterwards?
Because the renewed or purchased domains won't be refundable and we cannot cancel a domain renewal or a domain purchase.

Paying invoices that include .eu domains on the duedate already but the domain is not renewed, why?
According to our policy the invoice duedate is set to be the expiration date of your services, meaning if your domain expires on 15.05.2017 then you will receive the invoice on 01.05.2017, 14 days prior to the domain expiry date.
Since we offer online banking direct payments and also online visa card, mastercard and paypal checkout, there is no reason your payment could be delayed and we can't see it right away. In most cases our clients pay their invoices in advanced using our online integrated service to renew their services. But if your invoice includes ".eu domains" you must make sure our system will receive the paid invoice 4 days prior to the domain's expiry date or your invoice's due-date.

Hei, what if the .eu domain is expired and we still want to renew it?
Well, 4 days before the expiry date the domain renewal will be locked (so we cannot renew the domain for you because the registrar will lock it), then when it expires the domain will go to redemption mode where we have to pay 260 euros to the registrar + the domain's normal renewal fees and get the domain out of redemption mode and be able to renew it, apparently this is a way for the registrars to make more money which we at suomenwebhotelli.com are not also happy about it!

We try our best to serve you better, please help us achive that goal following our guide lines!

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