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About Us

Why SuomenWebhotelli?

We offer the best webhosting package deals you could ask for. Our services are easy to use. You can find all necessary information instantly from our website. We value our customers opinion. Everything we promise in our packets are included in the prices. There are no additional costs.

Fast and flexable solution

As you choose your packet from our webhosting services. You will get your access to your cpanel and website instantly after your online payment has been payed. Unlike other service providers, we do not take additional days to setup new patckets. We also have flexable payment methods. Credit card, paypal, bank transfers, ect. all are supported by our services. Which ever is the easiest way for you.

In addition to our webhosting services we want to give customers more control over their own pages. We offer you a chance to keep your current web design. Don't like your current web deisgn? No need to worry, we can create you a new look for your website, since we also offer web designs for our customers. You can also modify websites yourself at any time without additional costs from your own cpanel admin area.

Easy to use and multifunctional webhosting

Are you looking for solution to your webshop? Are you tired of dealing with local banks? With us you don't need to worry about payments anymore. We offer multiple bank connections for your online shop. Instead of dealing with tens of different banks, you only deal with us. We will take care of everything for you. And to remind you that this is very effecient and affortable solution for smaller and bigger companies.

Our webhosting packages include more functions than any other competitor. We have different webhostings for different kind of needs. All of our webhosting packages include unlimited amount of subdomains. In every single packet you will get all our services to your usage. This includes FTP accounts, email accounts, mailing lists, MySQL Databases, Add-on domains, parked domains, cpanel account control for easy maintance as well as disk storage. Ofcourse larger webhosting packages offer more and we recommend for bigger companies to consider our biggest packet which includes unlimited amount of most of our services. If you wish to have even more monthly traffic than our biggest webhosting package includes. You can always send a request and we can offer you more.

More options

When it comes to pricing, we would like to encourage our customers to make longer term contracts with us and due to that, we always offer more discount the longer the webhosting package is bought for. Nevertheless we still want to give you more options to choose from, so you can even start with monthly webhosting package and end our website services any time you want to. You are free to choose for yourself. If you are not sure which one you want to go for, we have recommended webhosting package pointed out in our hosting plans page here. We believe this webhosting package is most suitable for most of our customers.

In summary, by choosing us, we offer you simplicity, reliability and more options for your webhostings. As well as increadable speeds. With one of the fastest webhosting servers solutions that we offer, your customers will be pleased to use your services without waiting.