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Web hosting (shared hosting)

Finnish webhosting (SuomenWebhotelli.com) is one of the trusted webhosting’s in Finland provides powerful Linux webhosting and shared hosting in Helsinki Finland and occasionally is a webhosting service provider for clients all over Europe and Scandinavia.
Our servers are equipped with the latest software and firewalls for satisfaction of our customers. Automatic updates of server OS, helps web host clients to access and use the latest technology related to their business or their needs.

Our features include for example:

Currently SuomenWebhotelli.com runs on CENTOS 6.X and has the latest PHP & Mysql released version installed on the CPANEL ready to use for our clients. For more details on the server information please check Hosting Plans page.
You may also register an affordable webhosting package from Hosting Plans page.
depending on your required space and bandwidth as a private person and/or even a webhosting for company needs. This European webhost provider (SuomenWebhotelli.com) is the right place for students known for its cheap and extensive webhosting services.


SuomenWebhotelli is authorized reseller of most popular TLDs such as .com, .fi, .net and .org. domain names. If you are looking to have more customized domain for your website, you can find variety of different domains from Domains page. Customized domains provides better image of your website. It will already inform visitor about the content of the site, for example .restaurant or .coffee are very good options for websites that are selling food.

If you fail to find domain in our list, you can always send us request. We only listed most popular domains to our fronpage list. We have plenty of more domains for you to choose from.

Most of domains are really cheap and affortable for anybody. Still we would like to remind you that if you buy domain from us, you can get additional discount for buying domain for 3 years.

Dedicated IP Addresses and SSL Certificates

Your webhosting package will have it's very own dedicated ip address if you register your webhosting package with one of our service solutions. This will be enormous benefit for you while dealing with websites. Dedicated IP will help to keep your websites more accessable. Each dedicated IP address that we offer has fiber cable speed of 1000Mbps upload and download speeds. You will never again have to go for a coffee break to wait for your website to come up.

For those who are worried about safety, we offer SSL certificates for your webhosting package. With SSL you can encrypt the data to secure your connections. SSL connections are widely used for securing websites and traffic betweed clients and webhosting packages. By getting SSL certificate you can prove that your connection is secured.

Web Design

One of our services is webdesign. This is great oppoturnity for newly starting companies. You can think of basic structure of your website or then just leave it up to us. All you need to do is tell us what you want on your website. Submit a ticket to order webdesign for your website.

All our designs are specifically designed for our customers. Every single design will be personally made for you. Your web design look will be unique and easy to use. Also you can mofidy your website later on for free. You may also register an affordable webdesign package from Webdesign page.